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Beyond Illustration

Beyond Illustration

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the finest in contemporary international art & illustration

Is Illustration art? When do the bounds between illustration and art blur? Is there even a clear boundary?

The book BEYOND ILLUSTRATION published by Publikat is about this discussion. The question “What is art actually?” bothers people since more than 2000 years already, countless philosophers and artists have discussed multiple of different theories and attempts. Now even illustrators are dealing with this question. Not to long ago they were only considered as service provider, but meanwhile their trade has developed to a serious art form. 24 of the worldwide most respected illustrators are presented on 200 coloured pages. Besides the respective background information, every artist gets to speak his own personal rating about the subject.

The scope of the used techniques is huge and goes from simple pencil-scribble to complex digital boosted computer graphics. A definite relation to one of the both, “Illustration” or “art”, is just not possible as much as the two genres are fused together. That’s why it’s no surprise that all participants are favoured and well-regarded artists in all galeries of the world. As usual the USA is the cutting-edge, but this trend is also found more and more often in europe.

The book BEYOND ILLUSTRATION tries to discuss the phenomenon illustration and gives a wide summary about the trendsetters of the international scene. It’s a must-have for all creativ and visual interested people.