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Erosie: Part of Rebellion

Erosie: Part of Rebellion

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part of rebellion #3

A graffiti series of very opinionated interpreted cycles made Eindhoven based artistEROSIE become sort of an instant Street Art hero.That his repertoire is much more comprehensive than its passion for old city bicycles becomes clear by the bookEROSIE – PART OF REBELLION #3.

On 128 pages, covered with a handy softcover, author C100 gives an idea of how endless the artist’s ideas are, which paired with a great portion talent in so far as illustration and esprit always inspire anew.Whether it is about a complex wall design at MU Eindhoven or a poster, dealing with today’s flood of communication saying “You Have One New Message”; EROSIE’s works entertain the viewer, encourage her /him to think about it and simply demonstrate that he is an exceptionally gifted illustrator, who has a great sense for typography.

Besides his actions as an active street-artist his works adorn many flyers for club events, as well as CD- and magazine covers. His funny and typographic-motivated T-shirt designs for the French label Sixpack enjoy great popularity, too. EROSIE’s recent project “perfect circle” a freehand sprayed circle, demonstrates that he is an artist, who doesn’t rest on his laurels but continues searching for new ideas and interesting approaches.

In the in the nineties he begun with a classical graffiti career and proceeded by art school studies as well as intensive “working in the streets” which finally led him to a well known artist, who is indispensable in today’s Street Art Scene. After FLYINGFÖRTRESS (#1) and DAVE THE CHIMP (#2)this is the third publication of the PART OFREBELLION series about great street artists and the logical follower of the bestseller “The Art Of Rebellion I – world of streetart” and “The Art Of Rebellion II – World of Urban Art Activism”, all edited by author C100.