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Nychos: Follow the White Rabbit

Nychos: Follow the White Rabbit

39.90 EUR
Austrian graffiti artist and illustrator Nychos has released his first book as part of the Mighty Jaxx Sessions art book series. Follow the White Rabbit showcases an extensive collection of Nychos’ work over the last four years and provides an in-depth look at the development of his signature anatomical style.
Nychos became involved in graffiti when he was 18 and has since perfected an intricate style inspired by his experiences raised by a family with a passion for hunting and his love for heavy metal and cartoons. As well as his large-scale murals, Follow the White Rabbit documents Nychos’ Rabbit Eye Movement project; from the white rabbit he first painted in 2005 to the art space that he recently opened in the heart of Vienna.
Some of the elaborate pieces that Nychos has painted over the last four years are presented on fold-out pages which accentuate the complexity of his work. Alongside the full colour photographs, you can also find a biography and an interview with the man himself in which he shares the history of his artistic dissections.
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