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Urban Media Getting Caught

Urban Media Getting Caught

6.90 EUR
With Getting Caught once comes a book into our online shop with good old letters that fill the pages. And tell you stories that are about getting caught, about escaping and about the panic.

Why should only the pieces tell us stories when the executing hand is the one that experienced? In this small, handy book AKAYRAE has turned the tables just once and interviewed real writers about their worst experiences when spraying. The result was a whole collection of funny, scary, exciting and interesting short stories, which were collected in a small white book.

Stories with names like 'Do not run, do not hide' by Khan, 'And your eyes met' by Neck or 'Writing my Name' by Zoe take us into the world that exists only at night. And surprised us with one or the other story that happened when we sleep.

Softcover, 122 pages, language: english, format: 10.1 cm x 15 cm, publisher: Toxoplasma Press.
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