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Urban Media Lastplak - 'Hello, our name' is book

Urban Media Lastplak - 'Hello, our name' is book

29.90 EUR
LASTPLAK from Rotterdam introduce themselves and their art with the book Hello, our name is Lastplak and we love to paint. Although there are LASTPLAK since 2001, some of them paint since the 80s, including mainly graffiti.

Today TORRIE, P BLOEM, pinwin, HARK, OLES, CES 53, WAT NOU and the other not just paint the walls of Rotterdam, but also furniture, screens - and the locations have spread across the world. Pieces of consuming up to stickers, posters, and stencil way, all forms of street art are represented.

The artists also talk about their artistic background. Let your past decade LASTPLAK detail reminisce here on 320 packed pages.

Our conclusion: Nice crew, varied work of art with plenty of recognizable characters and an important piece of dutch street art culture!

Softcover, 320 pages, language: english/ dutch, size: 18.5cm x 26cm.