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Urban Media Skateboard Stickers Book

Urban Media Skateboard Stickers Book

13.90 EUR
Old School Skateboarders should now times pointed ears, because Laurence King brings in a book named Skateboard Stickers which includes sticker collections of the most famous skate biz. Memorys from the 80s and 90s will be evoke.

Skateboard Stickers shows 350 of the most memorable designs ever produced - all of them selected by Pro skaters of today and the past few days. In addition, there are stories and anecdotes to match the partially legendary labels such as the Screeming hand of Jim Phillips.

Quotes of the skaters to some stickers or an interview with Mike Vallely round things off a bit. With Wes Humpton, Bucky Lasek, Steve Alba, Andy Howell and Marc McKee helped to bring this little book with great content for collectors and lovers of skateboarding and stickers on the market.

Softcover, 144 pages, language: english, size: 17cm x 18cm.