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Urban Media Sticker Bomb - Letters

Urban Media Sticker Bomb - Letters

13.90 EUR
If from now on all threats and extortion letters no longer be formulated with newspaper snippets, the Sticker Bomb Letters book will probably be the blame.

What started with cute characters and cool pictures with the sticker bomb book 1 and 2, continue with the alphabet, which is presented in an almost bewildering variety of typography.

With over 500 stickers, you can now label your coffee tin, outfit your refrigerator or desk new, or fix your street slogans on lanterns letter for letter. Involved have once again well-known artists around the globe such as The Yok, Jo Contino, Chato, Dabs, Redy, Helen Mycroft, Niark1, Remi Rough, TuTu indo, and much more!

Softcover, 124 pages, format: 16.5cm x 16.5cm, language: english.