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Why How What

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If there is a phrase that perfectly defines the spirit of Brosmind, it is our motto, THIS IS OUR MOMENTO! When we coined it, we wanted it to reflect our ability to be inspired by every new project, our desire for self-improvement and our willingness to be optimistic towards the future. Although we have spent all our lives sharing in our creative adventures together, this book comes about at a time when we have spent eight years at the head of our studio in Barcelona. The fact that we have chosen this moment is not due to any specific reason, as in fact there has been no end to any cycle, nor are we going to take a sabbatical leave. It is simply that the stars have aligned. It is always difficult for a creator to draw the line after which no new project will be included in his book, so the deadline imposed by the publisher has sped the process up. Our intuition tells us that we have not yet reached our creative peak, and that most likely, incredible things are still to come and will not be included in this publication. Nonetheless, we are aware of the fact that during these past years we have managed to create a very solid and personal style which needs to be documented. WHY HOW WHAT is a sincere and detailed journey through our origins, processes, and all of Brosmind’s work up until this date.
The book was designed in collaboration with the electrifying Graphic designer Laie Pradas, and includes pictures from talented photographers such as Andoni Beristain, Rebekka Ehlers and Meritxell Arjalaguer.